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As a life long music enthusiast, one of my favorite activities involving this hobby is to remix songs and give them a new sound. One program that offered me all the sound effects I needed to remaster my songs was DJ Music Mixer.

Bringing an intuitive interface, DJ Music Mixer allows you to create two playlists and arrange the tunes in any order you like. You will get a deck for each playlist and be able to adjust the pitch level, sound volume and select the proper crossfade (the way you fade one tune out while fading another song in at the same time).
To me, the built-in audio recorder proved to be the most helpful tool as I could easily record the audio output from any connected device and save it to a high-quality format. The resulted tune can be remastered afterwards by using sound effects.

Unfortunately, I've found a quite notable disadvantage while using this application: it failed to play a couple of songs, even though their format was supported.

As for the rest, the program worked smoothly. But if you are a professional DJ, you will probably want to try more advanced audio mixing tools as DJ Music Mixer was designed for average users who don't wish to spend much on this type of programs and just practice their hobby.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Comes with a built-in video to audio converter and a CD ripper
  • Supports dozens of audio formats
  • You have access to various audio effects


  • Failed to play a couple of songs (MP3 format)
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